Championships – Top 3

Be set to be amazed! Here’s the list of our 92 Hellyer cyclists who claimed the Top 3 spots at this year’s: Jr State Championships, Jr Nationals Championships, Elite State Championships, Elite Nationals Championships, Masters State Championships, Masters Nationals Championships.


Sprint Clinic – Saturday, 20 September

The aim is for riders to come and try tactics in a fun environment with no pressure and to be able to hone their race skills. Clinic Details: posted


Thank You – Wednesday Night Promoters

Fergus Tanaka / King Kog (4), Jay Parkhill / Roaring Mouse (3), John Simmons (2), Eliot Logan / Metromint (2), Greg Tsutaoka & the Lange Twins (2), Perry Wong / SJBC, Michael Hernandez, Daryl Hemenway & Performance Cycle Coaching, Jeromy Cottell & Specialized, Chris Rippey & Roaring Mouse, Patrick “Tree” Miller & Jonathan Racine


Hellyerville Crew @ Masters Nationals



2014 Masters Track National Champions

Bringing home the Gold: Annabell Holland, Buffie Wuestewald, Beverly Chaney, Jennifer Kalich, Mark Rodamaker, Keith Macbeth, Dan Smith, Ethan Boyes, Donald Langley, Stanley Terusaki, Raymond Gildea, Larry Nolan, David Trousdale

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2014 Elite Track National Champions

Check out how: Beth Newell, Korina Huizar, Heather Ross, Emily Thurston, Alissa Maglaty, Garrett Hankins, William Myers, Raul Arias Jr and Marc Marino, finished at this year’s Elite Nationals Track Championships.


2014 Masters District Track Champions

Congratulations to all our new Masters District Champions. Thanks to all our volunteers: Lee Povey, David Broekma, Liz Carlson, Dan Smith, John Cheetham, Leo Menestrina.

One volunteer, needs extra mention, Grant Foster, worked both days, maintaining turn 1 sponges, even working right up to his race.

Our official crew [Mike Hardaway, Peter Bohl, Eric Petersen] also did a fantastic job. Keeping us sorted and going, both Saturday & Sunday, many thanks to, Michael Hernandez.

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2014 Elite District Track Champions

Congratulations to all our new District Champions. Thanks to all our volunteers at this weekends Elite Track Championships. Super thanks to Lee Povey, Mike Hardaway, Steve Rosefield, Peter Bohl, John Cheetham. Amazing Thanks! to the man behind the mic and keeping things flowing Michael Hernandez.

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