New Saturday Morning Schedule and Fee Updates

Starting February 11, 2017, we are splitting the morning in two to give each type of rider a better session.

Beginner Session: 8:00a – 10:30a

Structured for those new to the track

Focus: Instruction on Safety, Fixed Gear Riding, Track Riding Etiquette, Velodrome Racing, and lots of practice.

The purpose of the Saturday morning sessions is to teach the basics of track riding. It is not a racing session or a serious training session. A minimal amount of fitness is necessary to complete some of the drills.

Bring: Release Form, Helmet, Cycling shoes, pedals, warm cycling clothing, a snack, water, Allen wrenches, sunscreen. If you have a track bike bring that also.

$20 for Adults (includes bicycle), $0 for Juniors

Session: details »

Intermediate Session: 10:30a – 1:00p

Bring: Release form, Helmet, Cycling shoes, warm cycling clothing, snacks, water, bike, positive attitude.

$15 for Adults, $0 for Juniors

Summer Wednesday Night Race – Final Standings

195: Amanda Seigle
159: Patricia Gonzalez
134: Kira Maximovich
121: Veronika Volok
61: Clarice Sayle


M 123
171: Zach Gottesman
163: Stelios McDonald
125: Fergus Tanaka
122: Jeromy Cottell
67: Steven Tortorelli


M 3/4
111: Bill Brissman
84: Matthew Dizon
67: Kaan Badir
59: Alex Winter
40: Josh Williams

Juniors 13-14
15: Chris Bonilla
14: Tommy Lacampagne
12: Andy Wang
08: Kaito Clarke
08: Christian Olmos


Men 5
95: Javier Acosta
62: Ian Stowe
62: Gabriel Concepcion
47: Stephen Jaynathan
47: Wagner Sousa


Men 4/5
19: Alex Winter
11: Kaan Badir
07: Brian Gokey
07: Bill Brissman
05: Leonardo Botero Angel