Intermediate Structured Training Session – 24 Sept

Program: 4:00p – 7:00p (9/3, 9/10, 9/17, 9/24)

Focus: This is a structured session with: Organized warmup, Structured training intervals riders may opt-in to for their preferred intensity and duration of effort, and Organized cool-down

Note: For health and safety considerations, Juniors participating in the Saturday morning beginner session will not be allowed to participate in this session

Required: County of Santa Clara Park & Rec & NCVA Waiver.

Fees: $5 Adults, $0 Juniors

Need Info: contact Supervisor, Michael Hernandez.


Wednesday Night Race

View: Additional Info & Standings


Keirin District Champions

Jr. 16-18 Women
Kristen Wolfe

Jr. 16-18 Men
Zach Gottesman

Women 123
Amanda Seigle

Men 123
Ethan Boyes


Junior State Championship – 11 June

Omnium Champions

9-10 Boys
Akito Clarke

11-12 Boys
Copper Dominic

13-14 Boys
Kaito Clarke

15-16 Boys
Louis De Leon

17-18 Boys (Sprint)
Justin Poulson

17-18 Boys (Kilo)
Justin Poulson

17-18 Boys (Pursuit)
Justin Poulson

13-14 Girls
Renee Miller

15-16 Girls
Lauren Wolfe

17-18 Girls
Kristen Wolfe


Saturday Morning: Beginner Session

Program: 8:30a – 11:30a

Focus: Instruction on Safety, Fixed Gear Riding, Track Riding Etiquette, Velodrome Racing, and lots of practice.

The purpose of the Saturday morning sessions is to teach the basics of track riding. It is not a racing session or a serious training session. A minimal amount of fitness is necessary to complete some of the drills.

Bring: Release Form, Helmet, Cycling shoes, pedals, warm cycling clothing, a snack, water, Allen wrenches, sunscreen. If you have a track bike bring that also.

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