2013 “Get Ready for Summer” Race Series

Event Flyer

RSVP for the races. By letting us know which events you plan to race, you are helping us  get organized for the race days!

Dates: Saturday April 27th, Saturday May 18th, and Sunday June 23rd.

Registration opens 12:00P and racing begins 1PM.

Prizes:  Cash, Ribbons, and Cool Merchandise!

The annual “Get Ready for Summer” racing series is back for 2013! These fun and low key racing days are designed to get you ready for summer racing. Much of the proceeds help feed the Hellyer Velodrome cash prize pool.  Cat 5 men who plan to try and race in the 2013 Hellyer Velodrome Challenge,  must participate in these events for HVC consideration. 

ATRA racing – No license required. However, plan on having a license if you are preparing for HVC.


  • $15 1st Race, $5 per additional race ($25/day max), Juniors race for free

  • Parking $6 Buy a one-day or annual parking permit (Carpool to save money and share the experience)

  • $5 for a rental (sorry – no changing up gearing)

  • Additional donations accepted toward HVC prize pool.


  • Scratch (first across the line wins)

  • Team Sprint (Men: 3 laps; Women 2 laps)

  • Keirin (Motor 4.5 laps; 1.5 lap sprint to win)

  • Miss and Out (elimination race until 2 to go then neutral for the last three riders)

  • Points Race (sprints every 5 laps) 


A, B, C groups. A(1,2,3) B(3,4) C(5).

  • Elite Men

  • Elite Women

  • Junior 10 – 14 and 15 – 18

  • Masters

    • 40+ Women, 50+ Women

    • 40+ Men, 50+ Men, 60+ Men

*All groups must field at least 10 riders or they will be combined (but scored separately). Exception women and masters.

Contact: velodromechallenge@ridethetrack.com with questions.