Hellyer Park Velodrome

Junior State Track Championship Saturday, June 16, 2007
Hellyer Park Velodrome, San Jose, CA


10-12 Girls Omnium
1.) Nikka van den Dries, Easton/Specialized/LGBRC, 500M TT, 48.03
2.) Claire Jensen, Easton/Specialized/LGBRC, 500M TT: 49.82
3.) Erica Meilahn, International Christian Cycling Club, 500M TT: 54.69

10-12 Boys Omnium
1.) Dylan Drummond, 500M TT:48.96
2.) Jacob Smith, Bandit Racing, 500M TT: 47.38
3.) Matthew Valencia, Easton/Specialized/LGBRC, 500M TT: 50.46
4.) David Tisdell, Easton/Specialized/LGBRC, 500M TT: 49.81
5.) John Wise, 500M TT: 1:02.44

13-14 Girls Omnium
1.) Claire Sprock, Easton/Specialized/LGBRC, 500M TT: 47.72
2.) Taylor Meilahn, International Christian Cycling Club, 500M TT: 48.72

13-14 Boys Omnium
1.) Andrew Lanier, Jr., San Jose Bicycle Club, 500M TT:41.84
2.) Marcus Smith, AMD/Discovery Juniors, 500M TT:44.43
3.) Nick Jensen, Easton/Specialized/LGBRC, 500M TT:45.76
4.) Tyler Yeats, Easton/Specialized/LGBRC, 500M TT:49.21
5.) Thomas Zhang, 500M TT:49.72

15-16 Girls Omnium
1.) Christina Yglesias, Easton/Specialized/LGBRC, 500M TT:45.89
2.) Regina Wang, 500M TT:55.37

15-16 Boys Omnimum
1.) Joel Shaffer, AMD/Discovery Juniors, 500M TT:37.85
2.) Daniel Tisdell, AMD/Discovery Juniors, 500M TT:40.40
3.) Nicholas Abal, Tieni Duro, 500M TT:40.07
4.) Eddie Zhang, Easton/Specialized/LGBRC, 500M TT:39.25
5.) Peter Taylor, Tieni Duro, 500M TT:40.59
6.) David Stallman, Easton/Specialized/LGBRC, 500M TT:40.13
7.) Daniel Farinha, San Jose Bicycle Club, 500M TT:40.26
8.) Adam Hodes, Tieni Duro, 500M TT:42.95
9.) Michael Cristofi, Easton/Specialized/LGBRC, 500M TT:42.50
10.) Kevin Jacoubowsky, 500M TT:47.44

17-18 Boys Pursuit Champion
1.) J P LeClaire, Adobe/Schwalbe presented by Lombardi, 3K IP: 3:53.07


Age  Men’s Events  Women’s Events
500 m Time Trial 500 m Time Trial
1 km Scratch Race 1 km Scratch Race
2 km Scratch Race 2 km Scratch Race
13-14 500 m Time Trial 500 m Time Trial
4 km Scratch Race 4 km Scratch Race
10 km Points Race 8 km Points Race
15-16 500 m Time Trial 500 m Time Trial
8 km Scratch Race 6 km Scratch Race
15 km Points Race 10 km Points Race
17-18  Sprint (Cat1-3) Sprint
1 km Time Trial 500 m Time Trial
3 km Pursuit 2 km Pursuit
10 km Scratch Race (Cat 1-3) 7.5 km Scratch Race
25 km Points Race (Cat 1-3) 15 km Points Race

Events will begin at 10:00 AM with the flying 200m time trial for sprint seeding. Other events
will run sequentially. In case of rain delays, racing will be continued at 9:00am on June 17th.

Medals will be awarded to the top 3 in each 10-12, 13-14, and 15-16 omnium, and to the top 3 in
each 17-18 event.

Online pre-registration: sportsbaseonline.com , $15.00 per rider.
On site registration will open at 9:00am and close at 9:45pm at the cost of $20.00
Please register online to avoid delays!

Rental bikes may be used for these races, but selection is limited. Pre-registered riders
signing in by 9:15am will have first priority in order of arrival, followed by all other riders.

Riders must have a racing age from 10 to 18, and be Northern California/Nevada residents
as defined by USA Cycling. A USCF annual license (available at registration, or @ www.usacycling.org for $30.00) is required for any mass start events.

Release Forms:
Are also required by USCF, the county, and the Velodrome. These MUST have an
actual parent or guardian signature. You may complete them on race day or bring signed forms with

More Information:
The event is promoted by San Jose Bicycle Club and the Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club . For more race information – email alanier@gostations.com or call (408) 921-6971 or rob@testarossa.com / call (408) 391-0169

Additional rule notes:
1) Please consult the USCF rule book for rules and details.
2) The age 10-12, 13-14, 15-16 events are conducted as omnium.
3) If turn out is low, some groups may race together and some races may be shortened at the chief
referee’s discretion.
4) Ages 10-12 & 13-14 may NOT use a time trial bike for the time trails (no aero bars).
5) Age 17-18 riders MUST be track category 1 to 3 to enter events other than the time trails.
6) Gear limits apply to 10-16 year olds – The roll out limit for 10-12 is 19’8”, for 13-14 is 20’10.5”,
and for 15-16 is 22’3”. Ages 17-18 are unrestricted.


Links to the release forms