Friday Advanced Open Unstructured Training

When: 1:00p – 4:00p

Who: Open to Cat 3 riders and above, or the approval of the supervisor.

Workout Focus: These sessions are unstructured workouts for the advanced riders.

  • Non-program riders will be expected to perform their workouts during the downtime of the scheduled session.

  • No rental bikes available (some rare exceptions ie. experienced, out of town rider)

  • Motor pacing per the current motor pacing rules

  • Rain or wet track cancels the sessions.

Cost: $5 Adults (Season Pass Applicable), $0 Juniors. $6 for parking.

Required: County of Santa Clara Park & Rec & NCVA Waiver. Must be on-file or handed in at each session.

Contact: Lee Povey,

Supervisor: Lee Povey