Tired of hauling your track bike back and forth to the velodrome? Then you need a locker. They are big enough for two bikes, pump, rollers and more. We have 17 two-bike lockers, a three-bike locker and a four-bike locker. The cost for renting a two-bike locker for the 2015 calendar year is $175.00.  The lockers may be shared as well.  A list will be kept on those wishing to share, as well as a waiting list for locker availability if need be.

Renewal Process
08 December 14, an email will be sent to each bike locker owner.
12 December 14, is deadline to accept renewal.
14 December 14, email sent to NCVA, informing of any available lockers.
18 December 14, the board meets and conducts a blind raffle.
31 December 14, payment is due for 2015 locker rentals. 

Email to inquire about locker availability.  If one is available you will be emailed a rental agreement.  Once you have been approved you need to submit the signed rental agreement and make your payment thru PayPal. All locker users are responsible for supplying their own lock for their locker. Locks are REQUIRED. The container will be unlocked before each training/racing session by a supervisor and locked at the end of each session. The renter will be responsible for locking their individual locker inside the container.

2015: all lockers are in-use.