Training Sessions

  • Advanced training sessions and motorpaced training, are open to Category 3 and higher.

  • Category 4 and 5 riders may participate in open sessions at the discretion of the session supervisor.

  • Rental bikes are not generally permitted. Exceptions may be made for visiting or out-of-town track racers.

  • The session supervisor is responsible for monitoring the session, ensuring safety, and monitoring track time for all riders. Regardless of your category, if the supervisor feels that your experience or track behavior is below an advanced knowledge, you may be asked to workout at a different time. Please respect the track supervisor’s discretion.

  • Open track sessions are not instructor-led. The assumption is that attendees are experienced track racers and have their own planned workout for the session. Workout compatibility is at the discretion of the supervisor. 

  • All riders must have a 2014 online waiver on file. This is a county requirement. Be sure your name is listed online or you will need to fill out a paper waiver for the day.

  • All riders must sign in and pay for the session ($5 NCVA, annual pass, or $0 for supervisors). Failure to sign in to the session prior to entering the track could result in ejection from the session.

Open Track Etiquette: It is essential that proper track etiquette be followed to ensure that we have no unsafe situations.

    • As a courtesy to other riders, please plan to show up for the group warm up (which happens with the first 30 to 40 minutes of the session) or plan to warm up on rollers, your trainer or on the infield/warm up circle. A typical session will start with a group 40-lap warm-up. After the warm-up, everyone is free to do his/her own workout.

    • Bring your own workout and plan to coordinate with others to work in track time.

    • If you are doing long/endurance efforts, be sure to let the supervisor or other riders know so they can help ensure that both you and others get sufficient track time.

    • The rail and the pole lane are reserved for efforts (typically exceeding 20 MPH). If you are rolling around at a slower pace, please either do so at the stayer’s line or on the infield/warm up circle.

    • Do not ride more than 2-3 abreast unless you are doing a team effort.

    • When motorpacing is conducted, the motorcycle “owns” the track. Riders who are not involved in the motorpacing effort need to be aware of where the motor is at all times. When the motorcycle blows the horn, riders must either stay on the stayer’s line or (preferably) move to the apron until the motor effort is completed.

Hellyer has training sessions throughout the week, designed to make sure all levels of riders have the opportunity to train. We want to keep Hellyer open and safe for all riders so be sure to check the calendar and guidelines for each session to make sure you meet the requirements.