Training Passes

Prepay all of your Unstructured Training Sessions with an NCVA 2015 Training Pass. A deal at $240. This training pass is valid at any Unstructured Training Session that requires an NCVA fee. The training pass is not valid at any race event.


Pay by Mail

Mail check for $240, made out to NCVA

Send to:
NVCA Treasurer
995 Hellyer Ave
San Jose CA 95111

Pay Online


2014 Training Pass Holders
updated: 19 December, 10:40a

Mark Altimirano
Melissa Cafiero
Mary Carrasco
Jesserian Dacumos
Terry Dewane
Kevin George
Ray Gildea
Martin Harris
Korina Huizar

Vincent Juarez
Pavel Ladonnikov
Don Langley
Kenneth Lo
Sean Luis
Mark Koenig
Alissa Magalaty
Dave Maminski
Leo Menestrina
Elizabeth Newell

Heather Oliver
Phillip Plath
Rich Rozzie
Johnny Sisomphone
Buffie Stark
Bernhard Stonas
Ruth Winder
Bryce Worley